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Custom Indoor Cushions : Aerobu is the best choice !

Aerobu Custom indoor Cushions : Luxurious design. Great Durability. extremely comfortable, elegant and enjoyable.

Custom indoor Cushions – Indoor cushions play a crucial role in enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of our commercial spaces. While off-the-shelf cushions are readily available, custom indoor cushions offer a unique opportunity to tailor comfort, style, and functionality to individual preferences and needs.

Custom Indoor Cushion type

custom bench cushions

Bench Cushion

Custom sofa cushions

Sofa Cushion

custom hotel cushions

Chaise Cushion

Daybed Cushion

Boat Cushion

custom couch cushions

Lounge Cushion

Importance of Custom Indoor Cushions

Comfort and Support

Custom indoor cushions are crafted with precision to provide optimal comfort and support. Unlike mass-produced cushions, they can be customized to suit specific body types and preferences, ensuring a cozy and relaxing experience.

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to comfort, custom indoor cushions add a touch of personal style to any interior space. With a vast array of fabric options, patterns, and embellishments to choose from, individuals can create cushions that complement their existing decor or make a bold statement.

Materials Used in Custom Indoor Cushions

Fabric Selection

From plush velvet to durable outdoor fabrics, custom indoor cushions come in a wide range of materials to suit every taste and requirement. Whether you prefer a luxurious feel or easy-to-clean fabrics, there’s an option for every lifestyle.

There are numerous fabric options available for custom cushions, ranging from luxurious velvet to durable outdoor fabrics. Consider factors such as texture, color, and durability when choosing the perfect fabric for your cushions.

Aerobu is partnering with leading upholstery industry experts to give us a
clear advantage in quality and efficiency. Our upholstery production process will set a new standard for others to try and reach.

  • We align with the fabric mill of your choice and execute on your behalf. Saves you from the burden of managing an expensive fabric inventory.
  • We work with some of the largest performance fabric mills in the world, including Agora by Tuvatextile, Sunbrella, and sunproof.
  • From projections to completed inventory, Aerobu custom cushion has you covered.

Filling Materials

The filling material of a cushion greatly impacts its comfort and longevity. Popular choices include foam, down, and polyester fiberfill, each offering unique benefits in terms of softness, resilience, and support.

Quickdry Foam

We only use Urecel QuickDry foam to provide a damage guarantee with certain conditions because Quickdry foam contains “UreGard” which is an anti-microbial formulation that is resistant to fungal growth.

Urecel QuickDry its unique porous open-cell structure – and why it completely outperforms closed-cell, non-reticulated, regular foams.

Quickdry foam

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

Considering the Furniture

When selecting custom indoor cushions, it’s essential to consider the size and style of the furniture they will adorn. Whether it’s a cozy armchair or a spacious sectional sofa, choosing the right size and shape ensures a harmonious look and comfortable seating experience.

Personal Preferences

Beyond practical considerations, custom indoor cushions allow individuals to express their personality and style preferences. Whether you prefer square, rectangular, or bolster cushions, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customization.

Customization Options

Fabric Patterns and Colors

One of the key advantages of custom indoor cushions is the ability to choose from a vast array of fabric patterns and colors. Whether you’re drawn to bold geometrics, delicate florals, or timeless solids, there’s a fabric to suit every taste and decor style.

Embellishments and Trims

To add a personal touch to your custom indoor cushions, consider embellishments and trims such as piping, fringes, or decorative buttons. These small details can elevate the overall look of the cushions and make them truly one-of-a-kind.

Benefits of Custom Indoor Cushions

Enhanced Comfort

Custom indoor cushions are designed with individual comfort in mind, offering tailored support and softness for an unparalleled seating experience. Whether you’re lounging with a good book or entertaining guests, custom cushions ensure maximum comfort for extended periods.

Unique Style Statement

With custom indoor cushions, you have the opportunity to create a unique style statement that reflects your personality and design sensibilities. Whether you opt for bold, eye-catching prints or subtle, understated textures, custom cushions add character and charm to any space.

Why Choose Custom Indoor Cushions from ?

Welcome to the realm of manufacturing perfection, we specialize in creating stylish and luxurious cushions.

Watch the Process

Aerobu Custom Cushion boasts its own foam and fiber fabrication facility, allowing us to provide customers with the most sophisticated customization options in terms of hardness, comfort, and shape. Unlike other companies, Aerobu doesn’t rely on external sources for materials.

In our years of technical experience developing indoor and outdoor luxury cushions and upholstery, we are confident in elevating your project to the next level. Discover how we can assist you.

We Have Infrastructure


We have latest equipment

Aerobu is highly resourceful and has made significant investments to support our operations. We recently constructed a new factory spanning almost 3 hectares in Jepara, Central Java. Furthermore, our facility is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment specifically designed for the production of customized outdoor cushions and furniture covers.

We have the expertise

Aerobu is partnering with leading upholstery industry experts to gain excellence in quality and efficiency. Our upholstery production process will set a new standard for others to strive to reach. We wish them luck!

We have fabric

Aerobu is proud to offer an extensive selection of exciting, high-quality fabric choices. Through our partnership with Indonesia’s Department of Industry, we have successfully secured one of the largest quotas of European Solution Dyed fabrics.

We are fully integrated.

Aerobu doesn’t rely on others for materials. We manufacture our own foam and polyester fiber in-house, eliminating supply chain issues and enabling endless customization possibilities. We make it easier.

Become your project team

We have forged partnerships with leading experts in the upholstery industry, providing us with a distinct advantage in terms of quality and efficiency. Our upholstery production process is poised to establish a new standard that others will strive to achieve.

Tips for Maintaining Custom Indoor Cushions

Cleaning Instructions

To keep your custom indoor cushions looking fresh and vibrant, it’s essential to follow proper cleaning instructions based on the fabric type. Whether spot cleaning or professional dry cleaning is recommended, regular maintenance ensures longevity and beauty.

Storage Tips

During periods of non-use, proper storage is essential to protect custom indoor cushions from dust, moisture, and pests. Consider storing cushions in a breathable bag or container in a cool, dry place to preserve their quality and appearance.

Cost Considerations

Factors Affecting Price

The cost of custom indoor cushions can vary depending on factors such as fabric quality, size, and complexity of customization. While premium materials and intricate designs may command a higher price, there are also budget-friendly options available to suit every budget.

Budget-Friendly Options

For those on a budget, there are several ways to customize indoor cushions without breaking the bank. Opting for less expensive fabrics, simpler designs, or DIY embellishments can help keep costs down while still achieving a personalized look.

Custom indoor cushions offer a unique opportunity to enhance comfort and style in any interior space. With a wide range of customization options and materials to choose from, individuals can create cushions that reflect their personality and elevate the ambiance of their home. Whether you prioritize comfort, aesthetics, or both, custom indoor cushions provide a tailored solution to suit your needs and preferences.