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Welcome to the realm
of manufacturing perfection,
where we specialize in crafting
stylish and luxurious cushions.

We have
the expertise.

Aerobu is partnering with leading upholstery industry experts to gain excellence in quality and efficiency. Our upholstery production process will set a new standard for others to strive to reach. We wish them luck!

We are fully

Aerobu doesn’t rely on others for materials. We manufacture our own foam and polyester fiber in-house, eliminating supply chain issues and enabling endless customization possibilities. We make it easier.

We are
fully integrated.

We have
the fabrics.

Aerobu is proud to offer an extensive selection of exciting, high-quality fabric choices. Through our partnership with Indonesia’s Department of Industry, we have successfully secured one of the largest quotas of European Solution Dyed fabrics. An incredible selection.

We have
great R&D.

The team behind Aerobu has more than 20 years of experience developing superior outdoor cushions. We can design cushions with the perfect customized fit and comfort your collection needs.

Customized fit and comfort.

We have the

Aerobu is well-resourced. We are currently constructing a new factory spanning almost 3 hectares in Jepara, Central Java. Additionally, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for the production of customized outdoor cushions and furniture covers. Game on.

We are
close to you.

Aerobu’s location will save you on logistics costs. Our Cushion Ride-along program means we can deliver finished cushions to your frame manufacturers with minimal delivery costs.

Eco friendly

We prioritize eco-friendliness. All polyester materials used in our products are sourced from 100% recycled water bottles. Moreover, Aerobu’s Cushion Ride-along option for Indonesian furniture has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint by 460 kg of CO2 per 40 ft container. This calculation is based on a single trip from Jakarta to the USA East Coast.