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Welcome to the realm of manufacturing perfection,
where we specialize in crafting stylish and luxurious cushions.

Watch the Process

Aerobu custom cushions owns its own foam and fiber fabrication facility, which enables us to offer customers the most sophisticated customization options in terms of hardness, comfort, and shapes. Unlike other companies, Aerobu Aerobu doesn’t rely on external sources for materials.

With years of technical experience in developing luxury indoor and outdoor cushions and upholstery , we are confident in taking your project to the next level. Discover how we can assist you.

We Have infrastructure


We have latest equipment

Aerobu is highly resourceful and has made significant investments to support our operations. We have recently constructed a new factory spanning almost 3 hectares in Jepara, Central Java. Additionally, we have equipped our facility with the latest machinery and equipment specifically designed for the production of customized outdoor cushions and furniture covers.

We have fabric

Aerobu is proud to offer an extensive selection of exciting, high-quality fabric choices. We have successfully secured one of the largest quotas of European Solution Dyed fabrics through our partnership with Indonesia’s Department of Industry.

Become your project team

We have formed partnerships with leading experts in the upholstery industry, giving us a distinct advantage in terms of quality and efficiency. Our upholstery production process is set to establish a new standard that others will strive to achieve.


Our teamwork
makes the dream work


We can collaborate with your design team or act as your dedicated design department. With 25 years of experience, we have successfully managed thousands of partner SKUs.

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